The Cleveland Flats Symphony (Suite version) was at Ingenuity Art and Technology Festival twice.  The first time at a spin-off of Ingenuity, The Bridge Project in 2009 to a unique 3D projected video version by Jay Horowitz.  The second time was in 2010 with Jay’s 2D video backdrop to a performance by Verb Ballets.  Of very special note is both of these productions were performance directly above the Cleveland Flats, from within the Detroit Superior bridge.  How cool and fitting is that!


Verb dances Cleveland Flats Ingenuity 2010

Verb Ballets dancing to the Cleveland Flats Symphony at the 2010 Ingenuity Festival

The crowd at Verb's Cleveland Flats Symphony Ingenuity performance.

The crowd at Verb’s Cleveland Flats Symphony Ingenuity performance.

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