Transformer Station

Cleveland Flats at Transformer Station

Cleveland Flats Symphony danced by Verb Ballets at Transformer Station in 2013

Verb Ballets had a “pop-up” performance of the suite version of the Cleveland Flats Symphony at contemporary art gallery “Transformer Station” in 2013.  Bridging Cleveland was the theme of the part-time Cleveland Museum of Art “West side” satellite gallery.  The flyer reads:

“On March 7, Verb Ballets and the Transformer Station will present a mini-performance of an excerpt from Cleveland Flats Symphony, an original ballet choreographed to the music of Rich Rinehart and video by Jay Horowitz. This short performance will be staged in the historic Crane Gallery at the Transformer Station where Bridging Cleveland, a show of images of the bridges over the Flats is currently on view. Admission to this intimate performance will be free. Limited seating available on a first-come basis.”

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